Natural feeling U shaped 3 tones green artificial lawn for residential, UQS-3 Tones

Short Description:

  • Series: UQS-3 Tones
  • Brand name: Lvyin Turf
  • Material: PE straight + PP curly mono-filament, 100% UV resistant
  • Pile height: 20~55mm±
  • Density: 10500~25200 stitches per sqm
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    Series UQS-3 Tones is one green looking artificial grass with both straight & curly yarn with soft feeling for children and pets.


    1.It is made from 100% new PE & PP materials with latest technology UV resistant materials, can be used in any countries under various of climate conditions.

    2.This product is environment friendly, safe for children and pets.

    3.We are the direct manufacturer, both quality & prices are guaranteed.

    4.Professional after-sale services, available online 7 days, 24 hours.

    Detail Specification


    Green Looking Artificial Grass for Family Courtyard


    UQS-3 Tones


    UV resistant PE monofilament + PP curly fiber


    13,500, or as customized

    Pile height

    35mm, or as per request, range from 18mm ~60mm


    3/8 inch, or as customized

    Stitch rate /meter

    160, or as per request, range from 120 ~ 280

    Density /sqm

    16800, or as per request


    3 tones, double green straight + green curly


    UV-Resistant PP fabric + Net, double layers


    SBR latex mixture, black color, or other as customized


    CE, REACH, UV 5000 HOURS, NSCC, ISO...

    Packing size

    1x25m, 2x25m, 4x25m 1x3m, 2x5m or other as per customized

    Delivery time

    Normally within 3~15 days from deposit arrival


    Before & After

    How to Clean Synthetic Grass

    Use a leaf blower to get rid of debris.

    Rinse the turf with a garden hose. 

    Brush the grass using a broom or rake.

    Advantage of latest landscaping artificial lawn

    1. It imitates the characteristics of natural grass with sparse top and dense bottom, and its movement performance is almost exactly the same as that of natural grass;

    2. Curved grass effectively prevent the hardening of the filling material, so that the site has excellent resilience, so as to ensure the movement performance of the site;

    3. Curved grass can effectively regulate the micro-environment of turf to prevent the generation of static electricity and sports burns;

    4. Loose structure leads to better drainage performance;

    5. Good weather resistance, shrinkage rate of amazing 2%, compared with similar products stability increased by 40%;

    6. Better traction enables players to accurately judge the ball trajectory, which improves the performance of the field;

    7. Mildew proof, environmental protection and pollution-free without any heavy metals.






    UV 5000 Hours Exposure

    Dangerous Chemical Free


    - Standard carpet size: 1x25m, 2x25m, 4x25m.

    Package: wrapt into rolls with paper tube in the middle, packed by PP cloth.

    - Size by customization: 1x3m, 1x4m, 2x5m, 50x50cm...

    Package: rolls in bag or carton, or as per customized.

    Shipments to all over the world

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