Panoramic Type High Quality Customized 10×20/6x20m Padel Tennis Court, PC-001

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  • Item: Panoramic Type Padel Court
  • Model: PC-001
  • Brand name: Lvyin Padel
  • Court size: 10x20m, 6x20m
  • Material: Galvanized steel tube, galvanized steel mesh, tempered glass, padel artificial grass, LED light...
  • Color: black, blue, white, or can be customized
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    Padel is a racket sport, usually plays doubles matches on closed courts 25% smaller than tennis courts. It is different from the sport called paddle tennis in the United States and Canada.

    The score is the same as that of ordinary tennis, and the ball used is similar, but the pressure is slightly less. The main difference is that the court has walls. The ball can be played out of the wall in a similar way to a squash game, and a sturdy cordless bat is used. The height of the serve must be equal to or lower than waist level.

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    Padel Tennis Basic rules

    1.Doubles use the entire field, and singles only use a 6x20-meter field.

    2.The serve must be sent diagonally to the opponent's diagonal field after the line of service. However, the serve must be at the waist, that is, the start serves.

    3.After the ball hits the glass or fence after it hits the ground, the player can continue to hit it.

    4.The scoring rules are the same as tennis.

    Detail Specification


    Panoramic Type Padel Tennis Court 10x20m

    Court size

    10x20m, height 4m


    Padel artificial grass

    Pile height: 12mm, color: dark blue, green, or as customized

    Material: PE curly monofilament, Density: 63000 stitches per sqm

    Backing: double layers

    Steel tube with mesh

    Hot dip galvanized steel tube + galvanized steel mesh

    Tempered glass

    12mm, 18 pcs of 2x3m

    LED sport light

    4 sets of 200W LED light, IP65

    Tennis nest with pole

    Tennis post with standard game tennis net

    Bolts, nuts, elastic washers

    Stainless steel, as per drawing



    Hot Dip Galvanized Steel tube

    1221 (2)

    Galvanized Steel mesh


    12mm Tempered glass


    Padel Artificial Grass


    Professional LED light

    - Panoramic Type Lvyin Padel Tennis Court:

    PC-001 GREEN

    - Standard type Padel Tennis Court:

    - Production process:

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    Padel grass is packed into rolls, while other mterials are packed into polybox.







    UV 5000 Hours Exposure

    Dangerous Chemical Free

    About us

    Lvyin is one professional factories as sports materials and field facilities supplier located in Wuxi China since 1998, with collection of design, development and research, product ranges from soccer, basketball, tennis, padel tennis and so on, installations cover countries in Europe, America, middle east, Asia, Oceania... ...

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