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  • Item: Standard Type Padel Tennis Court
  • Brand name: Lvyin Padel
  • Court size: 10x20m
  • Material: Galvanized steel tube, galvanized steel mesh, tempered glass, paddle artificial grass, LED light...
  • Color: black, blue, white, or can be customized
  • Model: PC-002
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    Padel tennis combines the technical characteristics of tennis, squash, badminton, table tennis and other sports. It is a very easy-to-use leisure aerobic exercise. It integrates a variety of tennis and badminton play methods to diversify the game and reduce running. However, the number of rounds has been increased and the enjoyment of participants has increased.



    1.Low cost and high participation: padel tennis courts are only one-fourth the size of traditional tennis courts, and the ground requirements of the courts are not high, which saves space and costs. It is easy to develop a large number of courts.

    2.The skills are higher-end and the game is more exciting: Due to the use of a rubber racket similar to a table tennis racket, the rotation and curve movement of the ball are strengthened, which greatly improves the technicality and appreciation of the game compared to traditional tennis. Getting started is easy, but its high-end technical fun is limitless.

    3.We are the direct manufacturer of this product, make sure you get the best quality and the cheapest price.

    4.Online services are available in 7 days, 24 hours.

    Detail Specification


    Standard Type Paddle Court 10x20m

    Court size

    10x20m, height 4m


    Padel artificial grass

    Pile height: 12mm, color: dark blue, green, or as customizedMaterial: PE curly monofilament, Density: 63000 stitches per sqm

    Backing: double layers

    Steel tube with mesh

    Hot dip galvanized steel tube + galvanized steel mesh

    Tempered glass

    10mm, 18 pcs of 2x3m

    LED sport light

    4 sets of 200W LED light, IP65

    Tennis nest with pole

    Tennis post with standard game tennis net

    Bolts, nuts, elastic washers

    Stainless steel, as per drawing



    Steel tube

    1122 (11)

    Steel mesh


    Tempered glass


    Padel grass


    LED light

    Project Cases

    1122 (6)
    1122 (5)


    Padel artifical grass is packed into rolls, while other mterials are packed into polybox.

    1122 (18)

    About us

    Wuxi Lvyin Plus New Material Technology Co., LTd., was started in 1998, specializing in manufacturing padel facilities and constructions, with collection of design, development and research, installations cover countries in Europe, America, middle east, Asia, Oceania...

    210 (8)

    In 2019, we developed and built the 1st padel court , since then dozens of sets have been exported to different countries.

    High quality is the basis of our company's products, and we are well recognized by global customers.






    UV 5000 Hours Exposure

    Dangerous Chemical Free

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