Natural looking 4 tones Landscaping Decoration Artificial Grass, UQS-4 Tones

Short Description:

  • Model: UQS-4 Tones
  • Brand name: Lvyin Turf
  • Material: PE straight + PP curly mono-filament
  • Pile height: 20~55mm±
  • Density: 10500~25200 stitches per sqm
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    Series UQS-4 Tones is one natural looking landscaping artificial turf with both straight and curly yarn, soft feeling, high UV stability, flameproof, environment friendly.


    1.The fiber of this product is made into U shaped, to give the yarn good uprightness.

    2.This product is made from 100% new materials with the latest anti-UV technology, can be used under various of climate conditions in long service life.

    3.This product is heavy metal free, pass European Standard test, friendly for pets and children.
    4.We are manufacturer, both quality & prices are guaranteed.

    5.Professional after-sale services, available online 7 days, 24 hours.

    Detail Specification


    Natural Looking Artificial Turf for Home Garden


    UQS-3516-4 Tones


    UV resistant PE monofilament + PP curly fiber


    13,500, or as customized

    Pile height

    35mm, or as per request, range from 18mm ~60mm


    3/8 inch, or as customized

    Stitch rate /meter

    160, or as per request, range from 120 ~ 280


    16800 per sqm, or as per request


    4 tones, double green straight + brown yellow curly


    UV-Resistant PP Fabric + Grid, double layers


    SBR latex mixture, black color, or other as customized


    CE, REACH, LABSPORT, NSCC, ISO9001, ISO14001...

    Packing size

    1x25m, 2x25m, 4x25m, 1x3m, 2x5m or other as per customized

    Delivery time

    Normally within 3~15 days from deposit arrival


    Before & After






    UV 5000 Hours Exposure

    Dangerous Chemical Free


    - Standard carpet size: 1x25m, 2x25m, 4x25m.

    Package: wrapt into rolls with paper tube in the middle, packed by PP cloth.

    - Customized size: 1x3m, 1x4m, 2x5m, 50x50cm...

    Package: rolls in bag or carton, or as per customization.

    Advantage of latest landscaping artificial lawn

    • Natural lawn alternative, glorious looking all seasons

    • No more mowing, watering, weeds, fertilizers or pesticides

    • High UV durability, long life service time

    • Child safe, ideal for pets

    • Lead free, environment friendly

    Shipments to all over the world

    Installation of landscaping artificial turf

    1 Preparing the surface
    Remove all existing grass and weeds by scraping with a metal garden rake. Use a pick to dig out the tough weeds and any surface tree roots.

    2 Compacting the soil
    The subsoil should be dampened lightly with water before being compacted. Use a whacker packer or garden roller to do the job effectively.

    3 Laying the turf
    Lay out the first roll of turf, allowing overhang at the ends. This will later be trimmed to match the contour of the paving.

    4 Cutting to size
    Trim the turf roughly around any garden edges and move it into position. Then use a utility knife, with a new blade, to trim accurately around the edges.

    5 Laying the second roll
    Lay out the second roll of turf and trim to size. Remembering all the grass must run in the same direction when joining more than one piece.

    Fold back the edge.

    6 Invisible Seams
    Apply an even coat of adhesive to the seaming material.

    7 Anchoring the turf
    Wait for the adhesive to become slightly stringy, and then bring the two sheets together. Make sure there is no turf fibers trapped in the seam as you smooth the sides down. You can also use nail around the perimeter and along either side of the joins in 250mm increments.

    8 Brush up the grass
    Brush up the grass, running against the pile direction. A stiff bristled broom can also be used for this.

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