Is it better to fill artificial football turf or not to fill it?

Filled artificial soccer turf:


1. Better cushioning and shock absorption ability can reduce the risk of athletes falling and protect the safety of athletes.

2. It can provide better court performance, such as ball speed, rebound, etc., which is conducive to players' control of the ball at the same time, increasing players' challenges to technology and tactics.

3. High tensile strength, tight surface, good elasticity and high maintenance, long service life.


1. The use of filler will increase the cost of lawn construction.

2. The cleaning and maintenance of the filler will become an additional trouble, especially the poor quality rubber particles may have an impact on the health of the athletes.

Fill-free artificial soccer turf:


1. The installation is simple and convenient, saving time and labor, and the overall cost is cheap.

2. Do not need fillers, use will reduce some less toxic fillers on the environment and human harm, good environmental protection.

3. It has a texture similar to that of a soft and natural lawn, shortening the adaptation period of users to artificial turf without filling.

4. Compared with the filled turf, the rolling resistance and speed of the ball during movement are relatively stable.


1. The foundation must be very smooth, uneven may lead to different heights or bumps on the surface of the course, affect the quality of the course, there is a certain difficulty in production and the need for additional design of direct permeable pipe network.

2. It is not as stable as the filled artificial turf, the surface resistance of the pitch is slightly larger than the filled artificial grass turf, and fancy football is more difficult.

In summary, the filled and non-filled artificial soccer turf has its advantages and disadvantages. When choosing which type of lawn, it should be measured according to actual needs and budget, weighing their respective advantages and disadvantages, and choosing the right type of lawn for you.

Post time: Sep-07-2023