Advantage of artificial grass compared with natural lawn

Nowadays, artificial grass is widely used because of its ease of use and low cost. Artificial grass from the beginning of the unknown gradually to be accepted by people to the final people love and use. Today we talk about the significant advantage of artificial grass compared to the natural lawn.
1.No matter in the cold winter or hot summer, can be all normal application, rain, snow temperature harm is small, and 24 hours a day application, especially for the application of high frequency of school football team sports field or a variety of training venues.
2.Good performance, long use time. Normal service life of artificial grass can reach more than ten years. Data analysis shows that the daily application time of artificial turf is 40% longer than that of pure natural turf, and the annual return rate of artificial grass is about 2.5 times that of pure natural turf.
3.Artificial grass in the middle and late management method maintenance cost is low, artificial grass has more advantages of maintenance management method, easy maintenance. In the maintenance of artificial lawn without chemical fertilizer, the use of organic fertilizer, relative to the pure natural lawn more environmental protection. No need for trimming; No watering; The room can still maintain the emerald green, winter does not change the yellow.
4.The surface can be recycled and reused, with environmental protection performance, in line with the environmental protection regulations of large cities.
5.Stronger shock absorber performance, more safety. Many of the world’s top competitions, as well as those in China, are played on artificial turf, which will show greater consistency in exam results. In the sports field, the situation of players falling damage than the lawn to safety, it has a certain effect of bearing torque impact, artificial turf shock absorber performance is also more high-quality, which is a level of artificial turf is better than the lawn of course.
6.A variety of modeling design, a variety of matching selection. At present, vertical greening has become more and more people’s advocate and pursuit of perfection, and it is also one of the development trends of landscaping in the future
7.A whole lawn is symmetrical and consistent, not easy to have naked areas like pure natural lawn.

Post time: Apr-30-2021